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5 Stars To Watch out for in 2022!

As 2022 quickly approaches.... so does a brand new year for the landscape of the Arts Society locker room. While 2021 wasn't a full year for the Arts Of Wrestling, AOW promises that 2022 will be the year to change the landscape of the Arts.

The question has been asked in and out and through out.... who will be at the top of the AOW mountain at the end of the 2022? Will The Elite Champion, Mr.Awesome ride the wave all the way until 2023? Will Baret Lavoe somehow re-claim his title in 2022? Will a new leader rise above and take the brass ring?

AOW Officials and We here in AOW's editorial (or me specifically; Luis hehe) have been paying attention. Based on 2021, their skill, and maybe even small things the average audience has been sleeping on.... I can tell you who are the Top 5 AOW stars to look for in 2022!

Carl Hunter Price

Probably the most intriguing new face in AOW.... Carl Hunter Price or simply known as CHP to the Arts Society.

CHP has yet to be defeated in AOW and I find it hard to believe that even if he gets pinned or submitted in 2022; that it will kill any of the momentum CHP developed in 2021.

His eccentric style and unorthodox style of stalking his prey make the CHP target very hard to hit. CHP usually targets his next foe's before they even know CHP is breathing air in the same stratosphere. CHP is a man of knowledge (and poetry). Studying his target is usually more important to him than actually hitting his target. Always with clever word play mixed in with some dark Edgar Allan Poe style poetry mixed with some inspiration from his mother (yea he is a momma's boy). Prime example is the recent victory he had over 2x Brass Champ, Bishop Dvante D. After months of stalking and attacking Bishop in elements of surprises; by the time Bishop was ready to turn his attention to CHP.... CHP was well ahead of the game.

His most recent target Marcus Meyhem is also undefeated. Many say CHP may have met his match. I predict even if Meyhem is to somehow defeat CHP... CHP would had absorbed some kind of knowledge on Meyhem in the process to somehow win the war. Regardless of the outcome... one would think that a feud of two undefeated men... will result in eventual gold.

Marcus Meyhem

Most likely to be awarded the Dark Horse Award (so Far) in the upcoming 2021-22 AOW Year End Awards Season, Marcus Meyhem has been impressive.

I believe (based on my lockeroom sources) that most top AOW superstars have severely underestimated this man. Meyhem oozes with ultra confident as his words slices his opponent with ease. The most notable skill Marcus has is his ability to acquire prior knowledge of his opponents and using that knowledge to articulate how better he is over his opponents in a unique way only very little AOW stars have.

His unique vigilante style demeanor and style make him a strong fan-favorite and may I add he is undefeated. Marcus Meyhem currently has his eyes set on InterMedia Champion, Doomsayer. Even thou there is a bit of a distraction in CHP (read above)... I believe he has the ability to overcome that challenge and pull through. My concern for Meyhem is in longevity. Will he be able to adapt and evolve his style later in his career versus the likes of a Baret Lavoe or say a Scott Chambers? Only time can tell.

Nonetheless... look for Marcus Meyhem to become a mainstay in AOW in the year of 2022 as he claims his spot on the top.

Diego Diamond

AOW's biggest blunder and biggest regret of 2021 should be that we did not see a lot of Diego Diamond. Yea he spent time entertaining us hosting Monday Night Mic, commentating with Dave Flores-McMahon (haha), and even making a great return (after a devastating attack by Scott Chambers) and making saving his nemesis Mr.Awesome. Great Moments... but not enough.

Diamond has always been underestimated in AOW. Inaugural United Nations Champion with key victories over the likes of Mr.Awesome and Switchblade. Diego is a contender. I believe he proved that when (in my opinion) he got robbed by judges over over corporate favorite (sorry Dave) WarChain. Don't get me wrong... there is a lot of room for improvement for Diamond. I would like to see him get more confident on his word play. I would love to see him get more creative (Circa 2019), and I want to see him dive more in to his Diamond lifestyle.

From the looks of the last Monday Night Mic... Diamond has positioned himself to target the 4 and United Nations Champ Scott Chambers and maybe even Elite Champion Kyle Ferguson. If Diamond plays his cards right.... he can end up having a huge 2022.

Foul Mouth Aussie

The King has returned to The Arts..... and boy oh boy was it ever a moment. In what was probably the most Epic moment this year.... if not ever... in AOW, The Former Undisputed Elite Champion, The Foul Mouth Aussie has returned to reclaim his throne.

Admittedly so... when I joined the Arts Of Wrestling has Editor in Chief of Media Content, I wasn't aware of the history of AOW. I had to do some studying. With over 300 hours of content... that is a tall task. But.... man 'o man did I love watching The Foul Mouth Aussie's content. Predominantly his 2019 AOW run was bar-none... the best run in AOW history so far He had epic moment after epic moment not only slicing jokers down with his words but killing them with flat out entertainment... the Foul Mouth Aussie has proven to be the cornerstone of AOW and probably the first if not still the only mainstay name in Pro Wrestling Alternative so far.

This past July, Aussie got robbed of a Elite TItle rematch after his epic return. Thanks to Tony Morrison, Aussie now has to go back to the bottom of the brackets of the AOW roster (as per stipulation versus Lavoe.) Which means he has to start in the bottom. As in Brass Division. May I ask a question? And this is a bad thing why??

If you as me... the one thing Aussie has been missing is a blank canvas to paint more beautiful stories. Now.. he gets to do that possibly with the entire roster. If he works his way back up... you are talking about him possibly painting art with D-Sycho, Doomsayer, Scott Chambers, Chris Radford, Diego Diamond, CHP, Bishop, Mr.Awesome.... the list goes on. We are probably in for a repeat of 2019. If there is anything I learned from the Foul Mouth Aussie in 2019... it's that there is no limit to what he will do to win and entertain us. Looks like 2022 may belong to the king.


This may seem somewhat contradictory based on my last two picks. Don't get me wrong.... I believe Diego Diamond and Foul Mouth Aussie will have the 2022 I just described above. I believe they will be entertaining. I believe they will tell some amazing stories we will talk about for many new year's to come. But HaystaXXX does not care about stories and entertainment. HaystaXXX will go in to 2022 caring about pure DOMINANCE.

After the most shocking betrayal we have ever witnessed (Turning on his best friend WarChain), no one has more momentum going in to 2022 than HaystaXXX. The one thing I believe sets him apart from everyone on this list is that HaystaXXX gives no sh!t$ about starting back from the bottom. He has no care in the world for a mid-card feud or mid-card title. HaystaXXX went right to one of the biggest dogs in the fight and stabbed him in the heart. He just happens to be his old best friend and former Union-mate WarChain, That told me one thing and one thing only. HaystaXXX is out to be the Elite Champion and nothing else.

As he said in the Trend interview with Dave Flores-McMahon (hehe) he doesn't care about being one of the pillar's to the Arts. He wants to be the foundation. You know what... I believed him. Everyone else on this list is distracted with other goals and other task. HaystaXXX has a target and he is walking right towards it. Even WarChain doesn't want to waste his time him. He said it himself; "You are not worth my time!" I would run too. With WarChain out of the way and possibly retired or maybe even back hosting Monday Night Mic... Mr.Awesome is clearly right in sight.

Look for 2022 to be the Elite year of HaystaXXX. While others may have the best stories and maybe even promos.... HaystaXXX will rule 2022.

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