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6 Days Of Pandorum" FInally Kicks Off Tomorrow!

AOW: 6 Days Of Pandorum has been delayed until this Saturday. Exclusively on AOW's FB watch you will be able to stream Day 1 on Saturday at 10 PM/ET. Matches and start time are below as follow:

Day 1 (Mon. Mar. 14th):

Day 2 (Tues. Mar. 15th):

Day 3 (Wed. Mar. 16th):

Day 4 (Thurs. Mar. 17th):

Day 5 (Fri. Mar. 18th):

Day 6 (Sat. Mar. 19th):

The "6 Days Of Pandorum" headline matches are official with some more matches and potential surprises announced as the 6 days roll on.

The 6 days will be followed up by Monday Night Mic: Exodus the following Monday.

Previous Announcement:

AOW is bringing back it's 2020 event, "6 Days Of Pandorum" which is a 6 day AOW event that features top matches with top stars in AOW. Back in 2020, the 6 Day event concluded with AOW's Special Event, "Exodus". This year however, the 6 day event will culminate with Monday Night Mic: Exodus the following week.

AOW Officials will expect the event to bring the AOW audience; The Arts Society, up to speed with current programing. 6 Days worth of matches will be announced starting this Monday.

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