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Ace Of Spades Date Official (Huge Match Confirmed)

All summer the Arts Society has been patiently awaiting for the return of AOW to programming. Tomorrow we get a Double Header feature of AOW Trend as well as a big Champion (Elite Champion: Kyle Ferguson) vs Champion (InterMedia Champion: Doomsayer) match on Monday Night Mic this coming Monday as we return to programming.... OFFICIAL date for AOW:Ace Of Spades on Friday, September 30th as the event returns for its 3rd inception. (Teaser below)


Headlining the 3rd Ace Of Spades will be "Mr.Awesome" Kyle Ferguson as he puts his Elite title on the line versus the man that defeated him for the United Nations Title..... the UN Champion... "The Great One" Scott Chambers.

More matches are to be announced we are sure tomorrow on AOW: Trend and this coming Monday for Monday Night Mic. Stay tuned!

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