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AOW: Awakening Date Changed!

New out of AOW officials is that the AOW: Awakening date has been pushed back a week. Instead of April 18th... the date has been changed to April 25th.

With many changes that occurred in the Elite Contender Tournament some storylines took a bit longer than others to progress. Some AOW stars that were slated to compete at AOW: Awakening are on hiatus or no longer with AOW so AOW was forced to call an audible in storylines which left some superstars feeling cheating with their build-up.

At the request of many AOW superstar and producers behind the scenes; they wanted more time to build their matches, which gives us at AOW more time to provide content and entertainment for the viewers.

Make sure you tune in to Sunday, April 25th for the fallout of the Elite Contender Tournament..... AOW: Awakening.

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