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AOW: Exodus Announced with Blockbuster Matches

Last week AOW announced it's return with with a 6 day event, "6 Days Of Pandorum". An event that spams 6 days with 6 matches and all Millennium recap talk in between.

Apparently there is more to the event than initially announced. The days already will feature 6 matches. One on each day along with highlights and exclusive interviews. The winners of those 6 matches in this 6 days will move on to AOW: Exodus on day 7, April 12th. The 6 winners will participate in a 6 pack challenge where the winner of that challenge will get to chose a Championship title shot at any title of their choosing on a later date.

It doesn't end there. The night apparently will cap off with a Blockbuster Tag Team match as The Undisputed Elite Champion and NEW InterMedia Champion, Foul Mouth Aussie teams up with long time friend and Drag Along companion, Switchblade. Who happens to be the NEW United Nations Champion. They are scheduled to go toe to toe with The 4's Tony "The Hammer" Morrison and former United Nations Champion, Diego Diamond.

It should be interesting to see how the next few days play out to see if any more matches and announcements are revealed.

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