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AOW Match Of The Year Nominees Announced!

The Year End Awards will be disturbed December 31st here on

AOW management has officially names the candidates for Match Of The Year. The Nominees are as follow:

2020 AOW Match Of The Year (Nominees)

3 Stages Of Hell: (Ace Of Spades)

Iron Bison vs Tony Morrison

Brass Championship Match: (Ace Of Spades)

Ace Dalton (c) vs. Bishop Dvante D

InterMedia Championship: (Boom At The Beach)

Tony Morrison vs. Doomsayer

UN Title Mach (ID4 2020)

Mr.Awesome (c) vs. Diego Diamond

Elite Title Match: (Dog Days Of Summer)

Baret Lavoe (c) vs. Genesis

Pick Your Poison: (Monday Night Mic)

WarChain vs. Diego Diamond

More nominees for the main awards will be announced through out the morning and afternoon as we get closer to the new year.

Stay Tuned!

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