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AOW: Monday Night Mic (5th Anniversary Show)

The Arts Of Wrestling will hit a big milestone this week as it hits it's 5th Anniversary since Monday Night Mic debuted. In fact.... Monday Night Mic debuted on this very day 5 years ago.

The show is stacked with some events and matches already announced.

The 4 will be celebrating their Championship reigns in a celebration segment in which we are told.... one of the 3 champions will issue and open Challenge.

We are told the whereabouts of The Foul Mouth Aussie will also be addressed.

Marcus Meyhem will take on Tony Morrison in a One on One match.

Madman Joe will be in action in a Handicap match!

& much more.......

Also stay tuned for Tonight as we present a Never-Before-Seen episode of Monday Night Mic featuring a Champion vs Champion Classic with Elite Champion, "Mr.Awesome" Kyle Ferguson vs. InterMedia Champion, Doomsayer and much more!

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