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AOW: Nuggie Pre-Order Changes

The AOW's first figure series is just a few short months from releasing (Early July). So far AOW: Nuggies Series 1 has exceeded expectations for the early Pre-Order sales.

There has however, been some changes to the AOW Superstar Roster that will prevent some of the Nuggies in this line from releasing. Due to the termination of Image/Patent Release contracts, AOW will no longer be selling for Pre-Order the WarChain and D-Sycho Nuggies.

We are aware of the purchases for the D-Sycho Nuggies which have been refunded. Anyone that has either purchased a Warchain or D-Sycho Nuggie or has had the Nuggie in their online shopping cart has been notified. If you have not been notified and you purchased a Pre-Order for one of these figures please contact so we can take care of your refund.

You can still Pre-Order the Diego Diamond, Chris Radford, and the newly added "Mr.Fitness" Slim Trimmons Nuggie (Which is near sell out.). The Baret Lavoe and FOul Mouth Aussie Nuggies are currently sold out. However, more are expected to hit the shelves in July and a Foul Mouth Aussie variant will also be available on release day and an Australia exclusive will be available for the Arts SOciety members in Australia.

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