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AOW: Nuggies (Figures) Update

The Arts Of Wrestling will be launching its Pro Wrestling Alternative Toy Line with the introduction of the AOW: Nuggie line. AOW Nuggie's are similar to WWE's Funko Mini Mystery and Micro Brawlers toy line. AOW Nuggie's offer unique poses for it's figures as well as immulating iconic poses from preview WWF Hasbro and WCW Galoob figure toy lines.

The first release of AOW Nuggies (Series 1) will be available for Pre-Order January 3rd exclusively here on

Series 1 will include Nuggies from:

Foul Mouth Aussie (Including 1 alternate Variant and an Australia exclusive figure)

WarChain (Including 1 variant limited Edition with his Hat and Chain)

Chris Radford (LOD Tribute version)

Baret Lavoe (2019 Version)


Diego Diamond (2019 Version)

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