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AOW's Server is Down! has recently being going through a transition of servers so we are able to maintain the amount of increasing traffic and content that has been added to our website server. We has this plan in place so we could try avoid slow downs of website browsing and potential crashes.

Unfortunately last week after we attempted to upload the return episode of AOW: Trend... the website no longer update any future content and lacked the memory to make it functional.

The Arts Of Wrestling is now moving all of it's PWA (Pro Wrestling Alternative) content to a bigger and more efficient server so we can continue our stories, shows, and any future content that is currently in progress. As many of you know we have also been moving all of our Monday Night Content to a server of its own, so it can also help server be that much more efficient. We didn't anticipate having to get a bigger server for this early as well.

So, will resume as normal as soon as all of our content is uploaded and running efficiently for viewing and browsing pleasure. will debut on July 5th as planned with Monday Night Mic still streaming on in the mean time. AOW: Awakening will be given a definitive date once we return in a week or two so we can finish building up to he show.

Thank you to all of AOW Superstars and Arts Society Members continue love & support. To all the new Arts Society member, welcome on board and welcome to the society. We hope for your continue love and success as well. We will take this unplanned week or two to develop and produce even more content for you so we hit the ground running one the new serve is running.

Thanks a million! Sending love and support right back at ya!

- Dave (PWA President/AOW CEO)

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