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AOW Show Delays!

Due to a huge amount of program changes in AOW... The Elite Contender Tournament hasn't streamed as planned. Which means Monday Night Mic and Saturday Night Showcase shows are delayed as well.

The major changes affected storylines and 2k matches which lead to the delay. The AOW Production team worked tirelessly this weekend to fix the changes and get us up to speed. Therefore... we will be streaming the shows this week to catch up.

Elite Contender Tournament Special will stream tonight after Monday Night Mic and since the tournament took place before Monday Night Mic.... Monday Night Mic will stream Tuesday Night (As it has been streaming lately due to impending changes to

So the schedule is as follows...

Elite Contender Special: Monday (Tonight) After WWE's Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Mic: Tuesday (Tomorrow Night) @ 9PM/ET

Saturday Night Showcase: Saturday @ 11 PM/ET as scheduled.

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