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AOW & UGW announces Sponsorship Deal!

Union, New Jersey & Akron, Ohio.--(BUSINESS WIRE)

UGW (Unda Ground Wrestling) and AOW (Arts Of Wrestling) today announced a Sponsorship agreement that will see both companies collaborate across the board to provide unique content across the digital alternative pro wrestling world and the physical world of pro wrestling.

Elmer Mahon AKA Bounce (Owner/President UGW also performs for AOW), David Flores (Owner of AOW/President,/Lead writer), and Barry Bui (Co-Owner/AOW Vice President/Lead Content Manager) came to terms on the collaboration for both companies.

AOW is to provide UGW with a platform for its pro wrestlers to perfect the craft of promos and story telling through the alternate digital world of AOW. UGW will also help provide a platform for AOW's upcoming line of merchandise and figures in which both AOW and UGW will distribute merch for Professional Wrestlers and Artist alike.

AOW writers will also work hand in hand with UGW officials to write and produce pro wrestling content to improve the product. Mixing the best of both worlds in order to provide the best possible product.

The partnership officially launches this Spring.

Stay tuned!

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