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AOW vs. The World (Day 1) Results **Spoilers**

AOW vs The World (Day 1) produced new AOW: Tag Team Champions. The spoilers to day 1 of this summer tour are below.


AOW vs The World (Day 1)

Ro Castro defeated Downtown in a one on one match.

Family Bizzzness manager Bounce distraced Downtown to cost him the victory.

The 4 (Scott Chambers & Doomsayer) defeated House Of Morrison to become to new AOW: Tag Team Champions.

This is Scott Chambers official 2nd time as a Tag Team Champion. Scott Chambers being a United Nations Champion & Doomsayer being the InterMedia Champion... this makes The 4 the first ever dual Tag Team Champions.

You can catch the show's replay on AOW's Facebook Watch at

The show will also be posted here on the website this Friday.

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