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Breaking News: Foul Mouth Aussie Suspended!

Following his degenerate actions this past Monday, The Foul Mouth Aussie has been suspended by the Arts Of Wrestling Directors of The Arts.

Aussie went on a haunt this past Monday as he searched for the Arts Of Wrestling commissioner, J.Vega; due to not being booked for any matches by the commissioner himself. In his search, Aussie attacked a fan backstage that was on a VIP tour per J.Vega and at the end of Monday's show, Aussie attacked Monday Night Mic announcer and AOW co-founder, David Flores.

Aussie is now indefinitely suspended by the Arts following his actions. J.Vega is scheduled to address his actions this coming Monday, on Monday Night Mic.

Watch Foul Mouth Aussie attack AOW Founder below.

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