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Diego Diamond Breaks His Silence!

March 2nd marked the end of Diego Diamond's run with The 4 (As seen below). In the 1st Round Of The Elite Contender Tournament.. Diego Diamond lost to Scars (Formerly known as Michael Scars) in what is considered to be one of the Top 5 most shocking moments in AOW.

Now granted... Diego Diamond appeared to not had taken Scars seriously as his promo was very laxed and his match seem overly-confident (2k), but it seemed to be the final straw for Scott Chambers. Coming off a very short year for AOW in 2020; it wasn't as successful as the leader of The 4 (Scott Chambers) would had wanted it, especially with Diego Diamond failing to recapture his United Nations title versus "Mr.Awesome" Kyle Ferguson at Independence Day 2020.

Diego Diamond will know break his silence on the April 3rd edition of Saturday Night Showcase in a special interview.

What is in store for Diego Diamond in the future of AOW? What's his thoughts on Scott Chambers decision? Stay tuned to Saturday Night Showcase for potential answers!

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