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Dog Days Of Summer Card (Updated)

September 4th which marks on Friday one day before Day Of Immortals (September 5th) is shaping up to be one hell of an end of the summer Special Event for AOw.

The Facebook Watch special event will be headlined by Elite Championship Match of Baret Lavoe (Champion) versus his rival Genesis for the Elite Championship. Now we also have The Union and The 4 equally headlining the event as one member of each group will collide.

Besides the pending Brass Championship Match that Brass Champion Bishop Dvante D is waiting for... we can now add Top Chef versus Willie Jug to that end of the summer card.

There is one more match or two expected to be announced for Dog Days Of Summer.

Check out the card and future updates on the Dog Days Of Summer section.

Let's not forget about Day Of Immortals which already announced Diego Diamond attempting to reclaim his United Nations Championship versus Champion, "Mr.Awesome" Kyle Ferguson. One more match is expected to be announced for that part documentary part promo match/2k.

Stay tuned!

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