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Double Header Tonight n Trend!

AOW: Trend returns after months in hiatus with Championship implications and a Double Header with back to back episodes of Trend.

on Episode 23 of Trend which is the first of two episodes... it will be headlined by Bishop Dvante D as he takes on one of his biggest rivals in AOW... CHP (Carl Hunter Price). In the second match, the Deity of the Arts.... Genesis returns to action as he tries to get back to his winning ways.

Episode 24 will be headlined by the Tag Team Championship Match as the Champs, House of Morrison defend their titles versus The 4's "Natural Born Killer" Chris Radford and his partner Bronson who are now known as The Disciples of Devastation! the second match will be with B.A.D (Blair Andre Dillon) and his rival "Fine Wine" Ro Castro as the collide in a rematch.

Tune in to the Double header as it will also features some announcements for future AOW events!

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