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Major Match Announced as Monday Night Mic Returns!

AOW Monday Night Mic returns for the first time in 2023 with a big bang with the United Nations title on the line as Diego Diamond defends his title versus 4 member, Chris Radford. The Natural Born killer attempts to bring the UN Title back home to the 4 as the book of the 4 vs Diego Diamond continues to be written.

The Foul MOuth Aussie is also advertised to appear for the first time since defeating D-Sycho for the Brass Championship at Ace Of Spades. What will the Foul one have to say as AOW ushers in a new era?

Speaking od D-Sycho; now that the Asylum as fallen and burnt to the ground at the hands of Foul Mouth Aussie.... how will the remaining members of the Asylum respond as Scars takes on Genesis one on one tonight!

a Gauntlet match that was supposed to take place at Ace Of Spades will now take place tonight on Monday Night Mic!

It all goes down exclusively on

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