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Monday NIght Mic Finale Announced!

On Episode 99 on Monday Night Mic, David Flores announced the end Of Monday Night Mic which will culminate at Monday Night Mic 100.

After 100 Episodes of Monday Night Mic AOW Officials have decided to end the flagship show due to AOW's change of direction. "The word Mic in Monday Night Mic no longer fits what AOW represents." said David Flores on episode 99 of Monday Night Mic as he announced the finale. Those familiar with Pro wrestling's online fantasy leagues such as e-feds or promo groups is simply not what The Arts Of Wrestling is. A story based, episodic brand infused with the world of 2k has evolved in to what The Arts Of Wrestling has coined, Pro Wrestling Alternative.

From Episode 1 of Monday Night Mic, where you can clearly see the e-fed base presentation, all the way to episode 99 where the evolution into an entertainment based Pro Wrestling inspired show is evident; there is no question AOW has outgrown Monday Night Mic.

Monday Night Mic will be a celebration of the history of the flagship show as well as a stepping stone to the next chapter for AOW and Pro Wrestling Alternative.

As 2023 comes to a close, so will this era of The Arts Of Wrestling. Episode 99 of Monday Night Mic, two back to back episodes of AOW: Trend, followed by AOW: Art Of War and Monday Night Mic 100 in January will close out The Monday Night Mic Era.

What's Next?? Well.... we will just have to STAY TUNED!

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