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Monday Night Mic Results (Major Spoiler)

Monday Night Mic presented it's 79 Edition with major Championship Implications!

In a rematch from their classic match at Boom At The Beach last year.... Doomsayer defeated Anthony Morrison to become the 6th InterMedia Champion in the history of the title. Full results of Monday Night Mic are below.

INTERMEDIA Championship:

Doomsayer defeated Anthony Morrison to become new InterMedia Champion.

There was some interference by a mystery member of The 4 who attacked Austin Morrison (Who was watching Anthony's back) at the entrance.

Battle Royal (Tag Team Title Qualification)

Austin Morrison and United Nations Champion, Scott Chamber were the last two men standing. Meaning they will now compete for the Tag Team title with partners of thier choosing.

**Note** Kyle Ferguson attacked Scott Chambers as Chambers was coming down the aisle. Kyle was escorted out of the building shortly after. Downtown also cost B.A.D the Battle Royal by eliminating him while he was trying to eliminate Austin Morrison.

Meyhem (Debut) defeated Mace Anarchy in his AOW Debut in a very impressive showing.

Elite Champion Baret Lavoe addressed Foul Mouth Aussie's lack of response to his Independence Day Challange. He claimed that the challenge is now off, while FMA appeared on screen mocking Lavoe.

D-Sycho accepted Brass Champions, Bishop Dvante D's challenge for AOW Trend with the stipulation that the match will be a House Of Legion Match.

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