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AOW Officials have announced that will officially launch next week. Originally. the new website was suppose to debut after Independence Day. however, ID will be on July 30th this year. Originally the event was scheduled for July 4th which meant's launch was scheduled for July 5th.

So to avoid any further delay, AOW officials have now prepared to launch the site for this Monday.

As many of you know, website has been suffering from a small server which eventually will need upgrade. The server has been slow to update new information on the website such as new content, showcase, and other streaming media. will most definitely allow Monday Night Mic to stream on time every Monday as oppose to every Tuesday or Wednesday. Transferring over all of Monday Night Mic's content over to the bigger server will also allow more room for shows like Trend and Major showcase to stream on time.

Stay tuned to Next Monday at 10PM/ET to for the first official episode on the new website.

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