Saturday Night Showcase 3 Year Annivarssary Announcement!

This coming Saturday marks the 3rd year Anniversary of the debut pilot of Saturday Night Showcase.

This Saturday Night Showcase will be a bit different thant other past Episodes. Although we will still see segments like the Top 5 2k Moments, First Impressions, and others... we will see rare matches on this episode which are rare on this show. As many know... usually the InterMedia Champion is the only one allowed to compete on this show due to the nature of the InterMedia Championship.

We have a stellar card announce for this Saturday as seen below which will lead to a very explosive Monday Night Mic next Monday.

Main Event (6 Man Tag Team Match)

Baret Lavo (Elite Champion/ The 4 (Tag Team Champions


Iron Bison/Mr.Awesome (U.N. Champion)/Mystery Partner

Fatal Tag Team 4 Way Tag Tourney (#1 Contender For Tag Titles:

(The Team Pinned gets Eliminated)

The Union vs. Prophets of Madness vs. House Of Morrison vs. Disciples of Legion

InterMedia Championship Match:

Tony Morrison (c) vs. Willie Jug

Gauntlet Match (#1 Contender For Brass Title)

Slim Trimmons vs. El Gayo vs. Havok vs. Dean Mox vs. Mystery Opponent vs. Mystery Opponent

The Show will start streaming at 10 PM/ET exclusively on with some exclusive content on The Arts Of Wrestling's Instagram.