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Saturday Night Showcase Returns!

AOW is scheduled for one of their hottest weeks in a long time with the Re-Premier of Monday Night Nic and now... the return of the popular show... Saturday Night Showcase.

SNS is a unique show for AOW that will bring you much different content that you will see on Monday Night Mic or Trend. From Exclusive behind the scenes content, Trivia Showa, and all the way to Exclusive InterMedia Championship Matches... Saturday Night Showcase will provide AOW content you won't get in other shows.

The InterMedia Championship is unique to this show as the InterMedia Title is the only Championship that can be defended on any AOW Show. Which means the InterMedia Champion and his opponents are the only possible matches you will see on SNS.

An InterMedia Championship Match has already been announced (As seen below) as the New InterMedia Champion, Tony "Hammer" Morrison defends his Championship versus Anthony "Loud Mouth" Benton.

Stay tuned for more announcements for Next Saturday!

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