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Special Streaming for Monday (Friday) Night Mic ?

It's no secret that AOW has ran into a string of delays. This has been an ongoing in issue in AOW due to a number of reasons. But most recently it has been due to severe Facebook and Youtube issues.

For those that know us and have followed us; you may know that there has been a select group out there that have attempted to sabotage our progress. By reporting our social media pages and accounts. At one point even being reported a total of 32 times in one day. Of course this leads to Facebook deactivating the account of the person administering the Social Media accounts including the Youtube channel.

It has hurt our progress and digressed some of our story-telling. But of course.... for those that know us... we always come back.

We are determined to get back on path with the goal of streaming every week Monday Night Mic, Trend, and Saturday Night Showcase on time. Every week!

We see this next episode of Monday Night Mic as a start to that consistency. It's a big and important episode that will pave the way to the "Road To Millennium". Which is why we want to present this episode in a full Live Stream presentation.

SO this episode will be a Special Friday Night Mic (Live Stream Presentation) as we felt it was crucial to have that special feel to it. Followed by a return to Monday Night Mic the very next Monday 3 days later.

We hope you guys enjoy the start of the "Road To Millennium"!

And Please remember to all of or supporters. Always check in to and before our social media accounts for shows and updates. You will always see the content here first.

Thank you!

- Dave

(AOW Founder)

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