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The Union Returns At ID4!

In an unexpected and shocking return, Inaugural and 2x Elite Champion, WarChain and former PPF Heavyweight Champion, Haystacks (Collectively known as The Union) returned at Independence Day at the conclusion of the 6 Man Elimination Match between The House Of Morrison (Hammer, Austin Morrison, & Jackson Morrison) and The 4 (Tag Champions Scott Chambers & Crippler with new 4 member, Havoc).

Ironically, Union came to the aid of former Union member and foe, Tony "Hammer" Morrison (As seen in video below). AOW historians may had remember last year's Union Fallout with Hammer as they kicked him out of the group. Hammer even went on to last year's Independence Day and faced Haystacks in one of the most dramatic match endings in AOW history.

Why is The Union suddenly back in AOW? Is Hammer back with The Union? SO many questions to get answer. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this when Monday Night Mic Re-Premier's on July 20th.

Stay Tuned for more updates.

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