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Tony Morrison turns on Austin Morrison!

Following a historic AOW: Trend this past Thursday night where The Disciples Of Devastation (The 4) defeated House Of Morrison to become the new AOW Tag Team Champions, the Morrisons imploded as AOW: Trend went off the air.

Tension in the Morrison camp is not a surprise as Tony and Austin Morrison have not been on the same page with Austin blaming Tony's distractions with Baret Lavoe as a reason for the Morrisons to be out of focus. Then of course you got Tony Morrison who feels Austin is a weak link in the House Of Morrison.

During the Tag Title bout this past Thursday, the pair was not coordinated with tons of tensions developing in the promos previous to the match. After losing the Tag Team Titles, Austin Morrison placed the blame on Tony as he scolded him as Chris Radford and Bonson are walking away with The AOW: Tag Team Titles. As seen below, a shoving match ensues and not long after, Jackson Morrison makes his AOW return as he brutally attacks his brother Austin. Essentially evicting him out of the House Of Morrison.

AOW officials can confirm that Austin Morrison is also finished with AOW as he is not expected to return to the active roster. Where do the House Of Morrison go from here? How does this affects Tony Morrisons ties to Baret Lavoe? Hopefully we can get answers tonight on Monday Night Mic.

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