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Top 5 Most Disappointing AOW Acts of 2022!

This was a tough article to write. Not because it wasn't easy coming up with the list (unfortunately is was), but because I'm sure there will be 5 butt hurt individuals once this is published and read.

So I was asked set a disclaimer. These opinions are that of my own... Luis Hernandez. Your favorite AOW columnist villain. Not David Flores. Your pristine owner boss who I also blame for some of this fall from grace.

2022 has been a trying year for the AOW. Backstage politics, superstars not acting like superstars, and just pure laziness has kept the brand from burning as bright as they once did. Management behind the scenes have been taken the right steps to make sure we shine bright once again... but it will not come without controversy.

At the beginning of the year... I wrote my first article 5 Stars To watch out For in 2022 Of course that was met with controversy as some so call stars were mad they weren't in it (and no I am not referring to Scott Chambers. I actually like him now. He should had been #1 in that article along with the Foul Mouth Aussie.) Well... since we are nearing the end of the year... even thou we have two months to go... I would like to reassess things here in AOW in the midst of major changes and discuss the Top 5 MOST DISAPPOINTING AOW ACTS of 2022!


At #5 I gotta start with Nick Quinones. Although I am grateful and thankful for the service this young man has sacrificed for our country... I don't see that same contribution in AOW.

He had a great debut with the AOW Officials putting the rocket on his back. But the dedication in his content, promo, and work overall just wasn't there. At times even cutting a minute long promo and barley referring to the stories he was in at moments.

Nick came across as lazy and appeared to be hanging out with Puff The Magic Dragons in moments. I expected more. A lot more. Especially after Mian Eventing AOW: Awakening vs one of the Greats Baret Lavoe! Lets see what the end of 2022 and 2023 brings for Mr.Quinones. If he is still around that is.

Next on the list...... DISAPPOINTING ACT #4 >>>>>>

AOW Most Disappointing Act #4 should not be a surprise. Although an early fan favorite back in 2020... I had to go with Anthony (or Tony or whatever the hell) The Hammer, Hardtimes, Face, Hell, Face again, Hell again, Etc, Etc,, Morrison.

Tony in my opinion is probably the most OVERRATED ACT in AOW. I don't get any of him. His promos hardly ever match his stories. His 2k character never has clear attire and physical appearance direction, and heck... he himself never has clear character direction.

When he is a Face he promos like a self-absorbed, self centered idiot. When he is a heel he tries to come across cool and bad ass like a anti-hero face. He peaked in 2020 when he became "Hardtimes" Tony Morrison and he finally started to become shades of his real self and cut one of the best promos in AOW history with his own version of a "Hardtimes" promo (nod to Dusty Rhodes). He finally had direction. He finally knew who he was. This blue collar fighter fighting for those who can't fight for themselves. Then it was almost like he realized he found a character got bored and asked for another character change (someone please smack me!)

2021-22 seem to be a struggle. After telling AOW Officials he'd rather go heel cause we took "Hammer" away from him (Wah-Wha) het gets his heel turn but it doesn't work. The execution in story telling is not there and sorry to tell ya bossman Dave.... he will never get there. Honestly, he should had been at #5 because he was expected to make this list I am sure. But I just wanted to make him feel a little better.

Next on the list...... DISAPPOINTING ACT #3 >>>>>>

Coming in at #3 is the Brass Champion himself..... the leader of the Disciples of Legion and the son of the darkness... D-Sycho!

I really had high hopes for this man when this year started. I thought he was gonna do amazing things in AOW for the year 2021-22. He started off as being the most viewed star in the brand and even the most hardworking at one point in 2021. D-Sycho however has a trend. He gets good as he gets going and then he falls off. He picks it back up and as soon as he builds momentum... he falls off again.

He clawed and pleaded to be AOW Brass Champion. Once he got it the quality of his work diminished. The biggest thing about... Dennis is that he much like his character D-Sycho have personal demons. Behind the scenes he is a PR disaster. I mean lets all be honest here. It's the worst kept secret. At times looking impaired in his promos. Mistreating members of his group. Hell at times even creating content without his Brass Championship (Wonder how much he got for it? hmm?) D-Sycho completely checked out. The quality of his work just kept going down hill.

I had hope that he turned it around as he was rising. But in all honesty... a lot of us saw the fall coming a mile away.

Next on the list...... DISAPPOINTING ACT #2 >>>>>>

At #2 and runner up to this most undesirable list is The "Walking" Warchiain and HaystaXXX (Not Cahoun) together making up The Union!

This is a tough pill for me to swallow! Especially since I had HaystaXXX has the #1 star to watch for in the AOW 2021-22 season. Upon studying AOW when I first joined... WarcChain is one of the guys I loved going back to study. There is no reason why The Union shouldn't had worked in AOW. It should. But it didn't and here we are.

Here's where the problemed laid. They weren't just polarizing in front of the camera but behind the scenes as well. Although (from what I've been told) there gripes and concerns were for the betterment of AOW... it seems they (or at least HaystaXXX) were not patient enough to see AOW through these current growing pains. One can understand this argument as at times I myself have voiced displeasures of late shows and undeserving talent. However... you can''t change the world by sitting it out. You have to be part of the change. Not the headache.

It's safe to say WarChain left a lasting impression on AOW. He was our first Elite Champ. A Legend in the promo game for sure. But HaystaXXX was always the stain on that. The Union had that one amazing moment at ID4 2020. They were stagnant after that and that's the truth. I thought HsyataXXX could break out on his own in 2021-22 and show his value.. but he ran. He became part of the problem. He proved that he was the stain and not the shine of The Union. One Tag Title win with no pay off to show for. Rather it happened in 2022 or 23... he should had stuck by. Be the change you wish to see.


Ah boy this is uncomfortable. After all... he is supposed to be Mr.AOW right now right? So why is Mr.Awesome, our Elite Champion at #1?

He is charismatic. He is entertaining as all hell. He has all the personality in the world to lead AOW to the promiseland. SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Upon winning the Elite title Kyle Ferguson was doing everything right. In looking back at classic footage he was one of the guys I looked forward to watching in every episode I viewed. It was an easy choice. A no brainer. This is our next Champ! Our next leader! WRONG!

As soon as Mr.Awesome became the Elite Champion everything he offered and everything that made him Mr.Awesome just left. He got lazy. He got complacent. It's like he didn't know what to do with being Champion. He would cut promos very visibly sitting down on a chair in front of a green screen when it was suppose to look like he was in the ring standing. His video quality sucks. Grainy and blurry. His match up screen photos are horrible. The team behind the scenes had a hard time getting any quality video or photo to help with his presentation. The work ethic Foul Mouth Aussie and Baret Lavoe displayed to maintain being a champion and keeping the Elite title important just wasn't displayed by Kyle. Scott Chambers very noticeably has out performed hands down.

Should Mr.Awesome be the Elite Champ right now?? I can name at least 5 guys who should be champ before him. Let's up he starts to pick it up as AOW picks it up.

I will revisit this list in December. Will there be new guys making this list upon my review or will the current winner continue to stink up the joint? We shall see!

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17 באוק׳ 2022

Totally enjoyed this!!!!

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Yes something we agree on Oldschool . I totally enjoyed this article aswell

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