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Press Release: Launch Details

The Arts Of Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Alternative Inc) will launch an exclusive home server for Monday Night Mic making it's new official home, The Arts Society will still be able to find Monday Night Mic on the same tab and section of even thought Monday Night Mic will be serving under the new server of

Monday Night Mic has generated a legion of fans over the past 3 years making the most watch episode garner over 2,500 views based on Google Website Analytics in combined with Youtube analytics and statistics. Monday Night Mic has generated almost 100 hours of content with the number vastly approaching its mark and almost 100 episodes of Monday Night Mic.

The exclusive website server will allow for faster performance in updating the website on a daily and weekly basis for the audience. With The Arts Of Wrestling's new mission statement on making AOW a brand for Pro Wrestling Alternative, we can finally commit to a set time and day to present AOW programming on a weekly basis to make it easier for viewers to find said programing.

Starting July 5th, Pro Wrestling Alternative will launch where Monday Night Mic will stream every Monday at 11 PM/ET. Monday Night Mic will first stream on Premier Live's Youtube option every Monday at 10 PM/ET before it's made on

The new server will also be the home of an all new Monday Night Mic spin-off show, Monday Night Mic: Fight Club; where AOW will highlight new up and coming AOW superstars weekly, at 9PM/ET every Monday before Monday Night Mic goes live on AOW's Youtube channel. will also feature a brand new section for every back episode of Monday Night Mic, highlights and new exclusives to be announced.

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