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AOW Discontinues AOW's FB Watch

Due to many streaming complications, The Arts Of Wrestling will no longer be streaming Special Events or Showcases on Facebook Watch. AOW video content is often flagged for images and content even if the audio is owned by AOW or even if the audio is Copyright free. Hence the discontinuation of the Facebook Watch service for AOW content.

AOW: 6 Days Of Pandorum was removed twice in the middle of the presentation. We are aware of all the viewers that reached out wanting to finish the program. AOW will immediately shift all of it's Special Event content exclusively to YouTube. Starting today AOW will re-stream AOW: 6 Days Of Pandorum on Youtube starting with the last Monday NIght Mic presentation which featured Pandorum: Day 1.

It should be noted that AOW Officials are working diligently behind the scenes to provide a better viewing experience to avoid third party issues such as blocked video, audio, and removal of content. AOW is in talks of launching its own viewing platform. We should hopefully have more details on this matter later in the year.

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