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Monday Night Mic Results & Spoilers (9/27)

Diego Diamond hosted this edition of mentioning that Warchain is now currently in active competition (Currently Tag Team Champions w/HayStaxxx)

Brass Champion, J.Sic comes out and host an open challenge to any member of Disciples Of Legion as he did at Boom At The Beach. Scars accepted his challenge on behalf of DOL.

J.Sic defeated Scars via DQ after D-Sycho interfere in the match following J.SIc hitting the elbow from the spring board.

"Fine Wine" Ro Castro defeated Downtown in the final match of a 6 man gauntlet. Previous eliminations follow:

B.A.D defeated El Gayo Loko

Downtown defeated BAD after BAD walked away offering a truce.

Downtown defeated Owne F.U. via DQ after Owen attacked him with a chair.

Downtown defeated Louy Bullets

Ro Castro defeated Downtown after hitting him with Brass Knuckles while ref was down.

Tony Morrison weighted in on his and his brother Tag Team Championship Match next week versus The Union (Champions).

Foul Mouth Aussie made his way down the ring. He laid a challenged out to Doomsayer however Doomsayer declined stating Aussie is suppose to be back in the bottom tier following his lost to Lavoe at ID4. That was then followed by an attack by Disciples Of Legion, leaving Aussie laying.

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